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Models of Delhi escort service abide by the terms and conditions laid down by it in the best interest of the agency. It denies being liable for any act on the part of clients not aligned with its terms and conditions. No monetary, emotional, or social liability will be taken by the agency for the loss and harm caused to clients for the act, not in sync with the terms and conditions of the agency. It is thereby important for the clients to take a view of the norms laid down in the books of Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions by Models of Delhi

Every client getting in touch with the agency or individual browsing our website is considered to be completely aware of the Terms and Conditions of the agency.

We deem –

  • Every one of you contacting us or browsing our website despite of statutory warning on the website is an adult above 18 years of age.
  • He/she has gone through the terms and conditions and will not make the agency accountable for discomfort or harm due to his /her ignorance and irresponsibility of not viewing the site.

Terms and conditions

  • An adult may book via phone or through a personal visit to the office of the agency.
  • We prefer bookings in advance only.
  • Instant bookings for less than 1 hour aren’t gratified by us.
  • The agency would confirm on the same platform used by the client to book and hold no liability if the client misses the booking confirmation.

Cancellation policy of Models of Delhi

  • The agency rules out any possibility of the return of the amount to the client if he doesn’t do a cancellation adequate time before the schedule of the meeting. Cancellation must be done at least a day or a few hours before.
  • We would not refund if our escort has reached the meeting point and the client hasn’t informed the agency or escort.
  • We refund only in the case of independent escort and the amount would be computed after the deduction of reservation fees and government charges thereon.

Payment Terms

  • No payment after the meeting or instalment is allowed.
  • Advance payment is allowed and is mandatory for confirmed bookings.
  • Payment may be made through any payment gateway like UPI transactions, debit cards, credit cards, online banking, or cash.

Prohibited acts for clients

Clients coming for a meeting with our escort are supposed to follow the following terms and conditions. Agency may take legal action against clients for trying acts like –

  • Carrying weapons during the meetings isn’t allowed.
  • Drugs shouldn’t be consumed
  • Applicant must be above 18 years of age.
  • Videos and pictures are escorts shouldn’t be taken against the permission of the agency and escort.
  • Do not compel our escort for unprotected sex.
  • Hostile and abusive behaviour of the client isn’t tolerated.

Privacy policy

Models of Delhi escort service secured all data of its client with the aid of the latest technology. ]