Privacy policy Models of Delhi call girl agency

Models of Delhi call girl agency ensures every individual visiting our website utterly secure browsing experience. Our websites, phone lines, etc. are completely secured giving our clients a fearless time browsing and chatting on our website. The upgraded and high-tech backing confirms complete safety to clients while being in touch with us. So, be fearless while reaching out to our website or contacting us.

Every browser’s details reach out to the user of the internet and we also get details of our clients or browsers contacting us. We use the information in the best faith for enriching better experience of the users.

List of Data with us

  • General information about clients - General information refers to the name of the client, his location, contact information, etc. comes to us the moment you all contact us or browse our website.
  • IP address and other details about the use of the website- The information such as how much time the user browsed our website and how many pages he clicked. We immediately get the IP address of clients browsing our web pages.
  • Age – We enquire and confirm the age of candidates contacting us since we restrain services to clients below 18 years.

Restricted access to details of clients

Details of clients are stored in servers whose accessibility is offered to only the top managing team, thereby providing full proof security and safety to you and your details.

Our Cerebral property

Videos, pictures, contents, and titles are our intellectual property, and their copy or usage on other websites is restricted unless copy right is given to the agency using the matter on the website.